Bowlby vidare till Mikulincer

En som står med fanan högt i Europa ang. anknytningsteori i förhållande till vuxna är Mikulincer (Isr). Här ang. ett barns långsiktliga reaktion på anknytningstrauma:

Another example is the child of a confused, drug-addicted or grieving parent whose behavior cannot be predicted and who cannot be relied upon to provide comfort. In such cases, the attachment system is reactivated despite deactivating strategies, attachmentrelated needs and worries become simultaneously accessible (hence creating ambivalence), and the child becomes trapped in a cycle of conflict-riddled attempts to meet personal needs while avoiding rejection or mishandling. This condition is similar in some ways to posttraumatic stress disorder (M. J. Horowitz, 1982), which also involves attempts to avoid unwanted thoughts and memories, combined with inability to control intrustions of traumatic memories and hyperaroused emotions.

Vad Mikulincer beskriver här är att anpassningsförmågan hos ett barn fungerar som hanteringsstrategier i samband med traumaupplevelser. Detta har man betraktat hos personer med Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD – vilket knyter an min diskussion tidigare på bloggen att vidga synen på begreppen sorg och trauma.


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